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The 2024 AARP Maine Volunteer Legislative Honor Roll


The magic of AARP Maine’s work comes from YOU, our volunteers! Your untiring dedication to standing up for the rights of all older Mainers in your own communities, at the State House, and even down in D.C. has made a huge difference in the lives of your friends, your families, and countless others.

At AARP Maine, we believe that hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. To celebrate the accomplishments of our volunteer advocates, we are proud to announce the 2024 Legislative Honor Roll!

Kitchen Table Chats are volunteer-led small group discussions with representatives from across the state. Each virtual chat has only about 5-10 participants and is an excellent opportunity for our volunteers to engage with the elected officials representing their community at the State House. These chats run the gamut of topics, creating a conversation where “nothing is off the table!”
🌟John and Anne White with Senator Jeff Timberlake and Representative Stephen Wood
🌟Paul Armstrong with Senator Chip Curry

🌟 Pamela Corcoran: LD 2214
🌟 Erica Magnus: LD 2214
🌟 Shawn Lewin: LD 2214
🌟 Jessica Simpson: LD 2214
🌟 Ginny Roseberry: LD 2214
🌟 Carl Bucciantini: LD 2214
🌟 Paul Armstrong: LD 2214
🌟 Star Pelsue: LD 2214
🌟 Pat Wright: LD 2214
🌟 Jessica Simpson: LD 337
🌟 Shawn Lewin: LD 2173

LETTER WRITERS to State Legislators at the start of the 131st Second Regular Legislative Session:

  • Cheryl Huntley
  • Pamela Partridge
  • Jenn Crossman
  • David Crossman
  • Micheal Gleason
  • Della Gleason
  • Linda Dougherty
  • Marie Snowman
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Pat Wright
  • Thomas Wood
  • John White
  • Anne White
  • Cathy Valcourt
  • Carl Bucciantini
  • Joyce Bucciantini
  • Fran Day
  • Rosalyn Fisher
  • Virginia Roseberry

T@SH Volunteer Commitee Leads:
🌟Pat Wright and Jessica Simpson: Housing
🌟Paul Armstrong and Ginny Roseberry: Health and Human Services
🌟 John White: Energy, Utilities, and Technology

Would you like to learn more about our work during the legislative session? We also welcome you to join our efforts and become a volunteer advocate. Click here to get started or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

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