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AARP New Jersey’s Speakers Bureau has skilled volunteers that can speak to your group both in-person and online! Our speakers provide FREE, virtual and in-person presentations that address the issues that matter most to New Jerseyans 50 and older.

If you are interested in requesting a speaker, please fill out this form.

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Our speakers will present to groups throughout the state, including community organizations, private businesses, houses of worship, and AARP chapters.

What presentations are available?


  • Fraud Watch The Scam Landscape Staying Safe: This presentation helps empower individuals in the fight against fraud with proven resources and tools to help you spot and avoid identity theft and other fraud. Duration: 40 minutes
  • Fraud Watch Government Impostor Scams: Scammers are becoming more and more savvy in their efforts to take your money and/or identity, especially by pretending to be from a government agency. Stay up to date on impostor scams to understand the top ways to spot and avoid them. Duration: 20 minutes
  • Fraud Watch Your ID - Staying Connected and Protected: As many ways as there are for fraudsters to poach your identity, there are also many simple steps you can take to help keep them at bay. This workshop helps review your ID protection checklist with simple steps you can start using today to protect your identity. Duration: 20 minutes
  • Fraud Watch Online Romance Scams: Scammers are eager to take advantage of people looking for love and connection online. This presentation will teach you how to spot the warning signs and protect yourself while connecting with others online. Duration: 20 minutes


  • Downsizing and Decluttering: Having too much stuff can impede people from relocating or getting health care into their homes. This engaging presentation explores why stuff is so important for some people and teaches practice, easy-to-follow tips on downsizing and decluttering. Duration: 30 minutes
  • HomeFit: Older adults want to remain in their current homes and communities for as long as possible. Yet barely one percent of the nation’s housing supply contains any “universal design” elements — such as single story living or a sink that can be reached from a wheelchair. That’s where AARP HomeFit comes in. Based on the free AARP HomeFit Guide, this presentation can help individuals and families make their current or future residence – or that of a loved one – their “lifelong home.” Duration: 30 minutes
  • Six Pillars of Brain Health: This presentation is designed to empower participants to take charge of their brain health. Participants will learn about practical behaviors to support brain health. Duration: 30 minutes
  • AARP Today: While you might know a lot about what AARP offers, this topic will provide information that may surprise you and help you get more from membership in AARP. Duration: 40 minutes


  • Prepare to Care: This presentation focuses on helping individuals make plans to care for friends, family members or loved ones, using the Prepare to Care guide. Duration: 30 minutes
  • Making Cents of Caregiving: This presentation introduces caregivers to essential information and resources needed to more easily manage some of the financial complexities of caregiving. Duration: 30 minutes
  • Medicare 101: This presentation focuses on building an understanding of the basics of the Medicare program. Duration: 30-40 minutes


  • Public Benefits for Older Adults: This presentation will demonstrate how you or a loved one can help supplement your income and decrease your spending by securing the essentials, eligible benefits, discounts and crucial refunds. We’ll cover the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Affordable Connectivity Program, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Medicare Savings Programs and the Medicare Extra Help Plan. You’ll walk away with easy access to resources that you can use to apply for these programs. Duration: 30 minutes
  • Retirement Planning: Retirement planning doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn tips for determining if you are on track and practical strategies to help you achieve retirement peace of mind. Duration: 30 minutes
  • Social Security: Understanding Your Benefits: Do you understand how Social Security works? This presentation focuses on building an understanding of what Social Security is, how to secure your benefits, and the implications of Social Security decisions. Duration: 20 minutes
  • Jump Start Your Job Search: Whether you’re looking for a job or considering a career change, this workshop is designed to help. You’ll learn tips to help you develop your personal brand, grow your network, navigate the modern job search, and update your resume. Duration: 30 minutes

Request a speaker today! If your group is ready for an engaging and motivating discussion from local AARP New Jersey volunteers, please fill out this form.

Interested in Joining the AARP New Jersey Speakers Bureau? Whether you enjoy being in front of an audience, have marketing skills or simply like to help coordinate our speaking engagements behind the scenes, the AARP NJ Speakers Bureau has a spot for you. Consider volunteering today!

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