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Scams & Fraud

Join us to learn how to protect yourself and fight against fraud at our statewide fraud seminar, The Scam Landscape, Staying Safe, on Wednesday, May 22, at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET.
A New Jersey resident shares his experience after falling victim to a scam.
This year’s Summit, “Unmasking the Impostors,” gathered participants to learn about fraud and scams and how to protect themselves.
The next generation of scam calls will be powered by artificial intelligence, says Doug Shadel. “The technology is here, and it’s going to get better,” says Shadel, who will be a keynote speaker at AARP New Jersey's upcoming fraud summit.
During the Summit, Doug will take you behind the scenes and into the mind of a scammer by playing audio from real conversations between scammers and victims.
AARP Fraud Watch Network
Identity theft is the theme of the AARP Fraud Watch Network online conference organized by AARP New Jersey this August.
AARP is committed to keeping your finances safe from fraud this tax season. Before filing your tax returns, take a look at some tips and tricks to avoid scammers and keep your personal information protected:
AARP is committed to keeping your heart (and your finances!) safe from scammers this February. Read on for tips about how to protect yourself from romance scams.
AARP New Jersey partners with the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs and other agencies to get fraud warnings out through conferences, forums and shredding events.
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