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Get updates on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, health insurance, and your personal health and fitness.
A guide to when, where and how to get health insurance in New Jersey
Keeping their friendship going
Gardens provide nutritious food for our tables, beautiful flowers and plants for our homes, and they also provide a variety of other health benefits.
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Bill Allows Medicare to Negotiate Lower Drug Prices and Caps Out-of-Pocket Spending on Medications for Seniors In Medicare Plans
Easing into retirement with some yoga
Things are heating up outside, but you can get active inside the comfort of your home with our FREE, online tai chi classes!
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AARP NJ is helping you take simple, but meaningful, steps to support your well-being and develop good habits for the future.
AARP New Jersey is offering a new array of online health and fitness classes, with a rotating lineup of two or three classes a month, including chair yoga and tai chi, Zumba, Latin dance and healthy cooking.
Easing into retirement with some yoga
Join us this month for FREE, virtual tai chi classes!
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Four Million Americans, Including Nearly 130,000 New Jersey Residents, Signed AARP Petition Calling on Congress to Act
Senior couple cooking together
AARP New Jersey’s series of virtual classes on healthy living will continue in 2022! This month, we are offering FREE, virtual cooking classes that walk through easy and nutritious recipes.
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