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Scams & Fraud

In celebration of the total eclipse, we're shining a light on fraud prevention. Enter to win a $100 gift card through April 14.
Criminals love using P2P apps to steal your money. Here's how you can stop being scammed.
AARP Ohio volunteers present “Fraud Basics: The Scam Landscape & Staying Safe” to help you protect yourself from scams and identity theft.
Online criminals break hearts and steal savings. AARP is on your side to help you spot and avoid romance scams.
If you haven't already, it's time to commit to being more fraud aware this year. Here are three simple words how to stop a scam.
Social Security numbers are key to identity theft. Learn the telltale signs of a Social Security scam to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Most veterans are unaware they can receive free assistance with the PACT Act, leaving them vulnerable to fraud.
A real estate company that promises homeowners quick cash in exchange for the future right to sell their property has come under fire from consumer advocates and the Ohio attorney general, who says its practices are “illegal” and “shameful.”
Homeowners in Ohio need to be aware of an alarming trend in real estate agreements first seen in other states and now in Ohio. It seems like a great deal, but the terms of the contract could cause you serious problems down the road.
AARP Ohio endorsed Senate Bill 54 which makes Ohio a leader in combating robocall schemes. We are particularly pleased that the bill strengthens the penalties when the victim is an older person or disabled adult.  
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