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Get updates on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, health insurance, and your personal health and fitness.
Virus Outbreak Vaccine Ohio
A guide to where, when and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.
Julialynne Walker, 72, has given gardening kits to local families and founded a nonprofit to provide the community with gardening resources.
AARP Ohio and Jack & Jill Empowering the Community to Live Well - Martin Luther KingJr. Day Event
Honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., AARP Ohio and the Cleveland Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., encourages Ohioans of all ages to join a symposium on Empowering the Community to Live Well: Taking Charge of Our Health.
This is your opportunity to help the next generation of Ohioans cope with this horrible disease.
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COVID-19 booster shots can better protect our loved ones in nursing homes, if they can get them. Here's how you can be sure. Download the full guide.
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Learn the elements of healthy sleep and the most common sleeping orders with Cleveland Clinic and AARP Ohio. Join in for our next session of Wellness Wednesdays.
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Get the 2021 info on Alzheimer’s and dementia in Ohio. AARP Ohio and the Alzheimer’s Association discuss research, caregiving, and more.
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Health deserts are a pervasive problem for all Ohioans, but especially for rural communities. Learn about a possible solution utilizing the talent Ohio already has.
annie ruth
Visit with Cincinnati-based artist, poet, author and actor Annie Ruth, who will talk about how art can connect communities and encourage diversity.
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Join clinicians from the Cleveland Clinic's Neurological Institute to learn more health and caregiving. Each session includes a presentation from a clinic expert and live audience Q&A via AARP Ohio's Facebook and YouTube pages
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