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Homeowners in Ohio need to be aware of an alarming trend in real estate agreements first seen in other states and now in Ohio. It seems like a great deal, but the terms of the contract could cause you serious problems down the road.
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Two challenging realities facing many communities are the lack of housing, especially affordable housing, and the rate of which our population is aging. The solution: ADUs.
Ohio family caregivers provided 1.4 billion hours of unpaid care valued at $21 billion in 2021, according to the newest AARP Valuing the Invaluable report.
Nursing home residents and caregivers are invited to share their experiences with the task force at an upcoming listening session near them. Sign up now!
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Ohio lawmakers passed House Bill 23, which will develop education and provide optional dementia training to first responders.
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When city and county leaders decide what’s best for their communities—from the type of housing allowed to bus service and park investments—AARP Ohio wants them to consider its 1.5 million members.
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The Ohio General Assembly will meet after Election Day for a final session to try to pass bills that have languished for the past two years, before the new term begins on Tuesday, Jan. 3. 
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New AARP data shows that now is the time for Ohio lawmakers to pass commonsense legislation to protect nursing home residents.
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The case of a 78-year-old Ohio woman suffering abuse at the hands of nursing home aides led to a decade-long crusade—and now a new safety law.
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Esther's Law goes into effect March 23. It allows patients in Ohio long-term care facilities to install cameras or other electronic monitoring devices in their rooms.
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