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The Ohio General Assembly will meet after Election Day for a final session to try to pass bills that have languished for the past two years, before the new term begins on Tuesday, Jan. 3. 
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New AARP data shows that now is the time for Ohio lawmakers to pass commonsense legislation to protect nursing home residents.
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The case of a 78-year-old Ohio woman suffering abuse at the hands of nursing home aides led to a decade-long crusade—and now a new safety law.
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Esther's Law goes into effect March 23. It allows patients in Ohio long-term care facilities to install cameras or other electronic monitoring devices in their rooms.
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Two laws — one state, one federal — created to address surprise hospital billing went into effect recently and now patients who seek treatment must be notified if a provider is out of their insurance network.
This is your opportunity to help the next generation of Ohioans cope with this horrible disease.
AARP Ohio endorsed Senate Bill 54 which makes Ohio a leader in combating robocall schemes. We are particularly pleased that the bill strengthens the penalties when the victim is an older person or disabled adult.  
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Health deserts are a pervasive problem for all Ohioans, but especially for rural communities. Learn about a possible solution utilizing the talent Ohio already has.
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AARP Ohio State Director Holly Holtzen issued a new statement on Ohio’s FY 22-23 state budget.
Map of Ohio with access to 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload speeds (coverage is shown in blue) with data collected by Connected Nation Ohio as of May 11, 2021
An effort to expand Ohio’s access to high-speed internet was signed into law in May. Now, the Ohio Senate is cutting the funding needed for the program to run.
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