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An AARP survey shows more than half of veterans are unaware of their housing benefits, and a quarter need financial help for home modifications. New AARP resources can connect Ohio's veterans to adapted housing grants from the VA.
Ohioans who provide care for veterans spend on average 1.5 times higher than what other family caregivers spend on out-of-pocket expenses.
Most veterans are unaware they can receive free assistance with the PACT Act, leaving them vulnerable to fraud.
Free Resources Identify Top Scams Facing Ohio’s Military Community and Ways to Fight Back
AARP Ohio is sponsoring  two free virtual events focused on veterans. One will feature a tour of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, followed by a veteran-focused Fraud Watch discussion. The other will spotlight an art exhibit of veteran portraits.
As part of Veterans and Military Families Month and National Family Caregiving Month, AARP Cincinnati wants to recognize and support veterans by providing resources that will helpaid in their care. Whether you are looking to help a loved one or want to give back to the veterans in your community, AARP Cincinnati has made several resources available so that you can help make a difference. Read on to see what we have coming up this month!
AARP is getting the word out about resources and benefits for veterans and tips on avoiding fraud.
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