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AARP Oregon Age-Friendly Workshops and Training

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AARP Oregon Age-Friendly Workshop Series
Did you know that Oregon is home to some of the earliest age-friendly activities in the U.S. and that Oregon-based age-friendly programs have been at the forefront of innovative approaches and age-friendly successes?

Join us for three workshops in March that will provide Oregon’s age-friendly community leaders with free training and technical assistance. The three-part series is designed to support communities at every stage of the cycle process, whether you are launching, assessing, creating an action plan, moving toward implementation, or just getting un-stuck.

Workshop 1 (March 7): Joining the Age-Friendly Network, Assessing Your Community, and Building Momentum. The workshop will highlight early age-friendly cycle requirements, approaches and examples to forming strategic partnerships, surveying your population and environments, building momentum for age-friendly initiatives, and starting down the road to sustained success. Get the recording here. | Passcode: NX?!0A.W

Workshop 2 (March 14): Action Planning and Implementation. This workshop will provide information about how to create an action plan and how to move from an action plan to implementation. Additionally, attendees will learn about informing and advocating for policies, programs, and funding that can lead to sustained success for age-friendly initiatives. Get the recording here. | Passcode: 45n4xn^q

Workshop 3 (March 21): Tying Up Age-Friendly Cycles and Moving Initiatives Toward the Next Steps in a Continuous Cycle. What should your communities consider as they near the end of age-friendly cycles? How do you tie up the current cycle and prepare for sustained efforts, whether you are bolstering existing efforts or transitioning to new stakeholders? Get the recording here. | Passcode: S77C@xW6

About the Workshop Instructor:

Alan DeLaTorre is an Oregon-based gerontologist who has spent his career researching and advancing local age-friendly communities. Dr. DeLaTorre has been involved in Portland’s Age-Friendly efforts since he was a student in 2006, and he continues to work with stakeholders in Portland and Multnomah County. Additionally, he teaches a graduate-level course focused on creating age-friendly communities at Portland State University and has served as an age-friendly mentor through AARP’s national Livable Communities program.

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