Oregon State Capitol
AARP Oregon Staff and volunteers will be at the state capitol this year working on legislation that is important to people 50+ and their families. Join our email list by clicking here to receive advocacy updates so you can get involved.
As the election season heats up, AARP Oregon is asking members what questions they’d like to hear gubernatorial candidates answer on camera. AARP will use some of the questions in a video voter guide for the governor’s race.
Election Day is less than one month away, but soon Oregonians who are registered to vote can start mailing in or dropping off their ballots. AARP Oregon asked all the candidates for Oregon Governor three questions about issues relevant to our members and all Oregonians: retirement security, transportation/mobility options, and support for caregivers. We also asked all the candidates for Oregon Treasurer the question about retirement security.
By Merry MacKinnon
Steve Carter
Working for a vital democracy
Take a Stand art
As kids we spent many long hours in our neighborhood playing games of kick the can. One of the main goals in the game (if you were “it”) was to protect the can from other players, while also looking for hidden players and calling them out. Now, as mid-life adults, we are too preoccupied with life to think about the kick the can game or even the symbolic “can” for our generation: Social Security. As a society, continuing to “kick the can down the road,” means failing to find solutions to shore up the Social Security program.
Voter Guides
Tuesday, May 17th is Election Day in Oregon and voters in the City of Portland will cast their votes to select a new mayor. The results may determine who the next mayor will be or if no one candidate gets the required 50% of votes, the top two candidates will face off again in November.
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