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Learn How to Avoid Their Scams at AARP’s Free, Two-Part Webinar
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Intimacy, addiction and exercise are just a few of the topics at this year's Vital Aging Conference, which tackles what it means to Disrupt Aging.
By Mac McLean
Newspaper with Headline of Fake News
"Fake news" and "alternative facts" have gotten a lot of attention lately. They show how prevalent news hoaxes have become in today's media landscape - and how dangerous it can be to rely on bogus information.
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AARP Oregon is in your community. Our organization is more than just discounts and lobbying for older Americans. But, we realize that not everyone knows what we’re working on across the state, Eugene and Springfield. To allow the community a chance to get to know us better, AARP is coordinating a “community blitz,” in Eugene/Springfield on March 1-3, 2017.
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Veterans Day is a good time to remind our friends and family who served their country in the military that veterans are a special target for some kinds of frauds and cons warns AARP Oregon.
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