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Driver Safety

Travel season has arrived, along with changes in highways, rules and technology. Oregonians can rev up with AARP Oregon’s driving refresher classes on safety, skills and tech.
By Mac McLean
Share your experience, skills and passion while helping AARP achieve the goals that 50+ residents of your state care about most as an AARP Oregon volunteer. Research shows that volunteering contributes to better health and overall wellbeing. In addition, volunteers are a backbone of our communities.
In the film version of L. Frank Baum children’s novel , The Wizard of Oz, each of Dorothy’s imagined friends has a burning desire, a craving: they all yearn for some thing (“If I Only Had A….) “The Scarecrow” wants a brain. The “Tin Man” wants a heart. The “Lion” deviates from the anatomical wish list – he wants something amorphous: courage.
A new state law supported by AARP Oregon cracks down on distracted driving. Drivers cannot touch their phones behind the wheel. Hands-free phone usage is still allowed.
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