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According to an AARP survey, many older adults report age bias at work. A task force could help examine the laws and champion legislation to address age discrimination in the workplace.
Open enrollment time for the health insurance marketplace is November 1 – December 15. Now is the time to understand your options and find coverage that meets your needs, but it can be hard to navigate. We’re here to help!
Does it make sense for you to work and collect Social Security at the same time? It’s a complicated question, but we’re here to make it easier to connect you to the resources that can help you decide what’s right for you.
Looking for a job that has flexible hours, competitive pay, and matters to your community? Consider working for the 2020 Census! Get more information on the potential opportunities during our free webinar.
Looking for more work-life balance? Or a job that lets you work from home? Or extra hours from part-time work? Flexible work might be right for you. Sign up now for our Online Expo and learn more about flexible work options.
Portland City Council with Age Friendly Business Award winners and members of the Age Friendly Economic Development and Work Subcommittee.
Business Case for Workers Age 50+
Do you know a Portland business that goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service to older adults? Are you a Portland business owner with a knack for attracting and retaining older workers? Apply today for an Age-Friendly Business Award or an Age-Smart Employer Award.
If you think people 50+ are great workers, show your support with some new and exciting opportunities.
After a 40-year career teaching voice lessons to students of all ages, and with some assistance from small business development guru, Jackie Babicky Peterson, Fay Putnam began Breath is the Answer. Her solopreneur business provides a service that enables her clients to "find their authentic voice."  Fay uses the Alexander Technique--a process that helps people move more mindfully through life's everyday activities--which she has studied extensively, to guide individuals through a series of exercises that allow them to become more aware of how they use their bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally when they communicate orally.
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