Look around. Are you so surrounded by the stuff in your house you don’t know what to do with it—or how to find it when you need it? Maybe it’s time to downsize and declutter. But where should you start?
Nearly seven million Latinos in the U.S. provide unpaid care to an aging or older loved one. Many Latino family caregivers see caregiving responsibilities simply as something family members do for one another, and do not seek outside help. AARP and the Ad Council offer support with a new PSA campaign , encouraging Latino caregivers nationwide to access free Care Guides, self-care tips, planning resources, legal and financial guidance, and more.
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Here’s a quick recap of the May 15 primary election:
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Juggling is Difficult When You Are Always Looking Over Your Shoulder
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Pennsylvania Political Forecast – Cloudy with a 100% Chance of Uncertainty
The PA General Assembly is currently considering legislation (SB 780 and HB 1648) that would recognize telemedicine as a solution to improving health care access. AARP PA strongly supports the proposed legislation. You can learn more about the issue below.
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