IAD family from Fair Credit Foundation
To our readers:  The AAA Fair Credit Foundation is based in Salt Lake City and is a partner with AARP Utah on teaching how to save and plan for the future.  This is one story about a family they helped through their Individual Development Accounts Program.  We thought it was a heartwarming example of what planning for the future can do for a family.
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AARP Utah Community Outreach Director Jill Duke of South Jordan cared for her mother-in-law for six years while she still had three children at home and a fulltime job. She made a 120 mile roundtrip visit twice a week to help with medications, provide companionship, and perform everyday errands until her mother-in-law needed round-the-clock care in an assisted living facility. But Jill’s caregiving duties did not stop—she still visited her mother-in-law every day to attend to her physical and emotional needs until she died this September.
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