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This election season, Virgin Islanders have an exciting new, election option which they have never had before. This year voters can ask questions directly aimed at a particular candidate or group of candidates running for a particular office, via social media with AARP VI’s new VIW2K or Virgin Islanders Want to Know campaign.

AARP VI notified all candidates whose address was on file with the Board of Elections that the social media project would be underway during the election season and that they could expect questions to be posted on this site which would be asking for a response from them.

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are great ways for the community to share information as well as concerns. It’s also a great way to obtain answers in “real time” from the candidates. The questions and the answers are currently available to anyone with either a Facebook or Twitter account at: or respectively.

Throughout the election season AARP staff and volunteers will be conducting VIW2K events at shopping malls and other public settings so that we can maximize the public’s involvement in the 2014 election. At the VIW2K sites AARP will have erasable white boards available for the public to write their questions and then have their photos taken with one of our AARP “flat person” representatives.

Our “flat people” are life-size photographs of notable Virgin Islanders who are lending their support along with their full-length image to our campaign. Participants will be encouraged to have their photo taken standing beside one of our “flat people” as they hold up their question. The photo will then be posted to one of the two social media platforms. We have duly informed the candidates about the campaign and anticipate they or their staffs will be closely monitoring both Facebook and Twitter. We expect that they will notice the questions, give them significant thought and then post an appropriate comment for all to see. This way ALL Virgin Islanders can benefit from each question as well as each candidate’s response.

AARP is hoping that VIW2K will become a multigenerational and multicultural event that can become a meaningful part of the process to elect new government representation.

“This is a very important election,” states AARP VI State Director, Denyce Singleton, “Every position is being considered. Voters must feel confident that their questions and concerns have been satisfactorily answered before they vote. AARP VI is making a special effort to give voters the resources they need to make these important decisions. Participating in VIW2K is FREE and it could help you decide which candidate you want to represent you. Please take advantage of this opportunity.”

To get involved, or read the questions and answers, log in to Facebook or Twitter at or then search for #VIW2K and join in the conversation.

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