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JUN 1, 2020
For older people, living alone can be challenging, but during a natural disaster or health emergency, it can be frightening.
APR 21, 2020
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MAY 21, 2020
En Español | AARP in The Virgin Islands worked to ensure passage of Bill No. 33-0296. The Bill expands voting by Absentee Ballot as a result of COVID-19. The Bill was passed by the Legislature of The Virgin Islands and was signed into law by Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. on May 11th, 2020. This Bill is now Act No. 8294.
MAY 20, 2020
The decisions you make now could affect what doctors you see, how much you might spend on your health in the future and more. Whether you’re 65 or will be soon, there’s no better time to start exploring your Medicare options.
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AARP is here to help you take on today – and every day. From sharing practical resources, to holding fun activities and events, AARP is providing opportunities to connect and help build an even stronger US Virgin Islands for all ages to live, work and play. We hope you’ll join us!
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In English | AARP en las Islas Vírgenes trabajó para garantizar la aprobación del Proyecto de Ley No. 33-0296. El proyecto de ley amplía la votación por voto en ausencia como resultado de COVID-19. El proyecto de ley fue aprobado por la Legislatura de las Islas Vírgenes y promulgado por el gobernador Albert Bryan, Jr. el 11 de mayo de 2020. Este proyecto de ley es ahora la Ley N° 8294.
How do you remain connected and support loved ones in care facilities during the global Coronavirus pandemic? Join AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins & actress Susan Lucci who will share her family’s experience during this pandemic in a special Q&A event at 1pm ET Thursday, May 21.
Social security card and American money dollar bills
English | El día de hoy, 12 de mayo de 2020, AARP escribió una carta a Andrew Saul, Comisionado de la Administración de Seguridad Social, instándole a ayudar a los residentes de las Islas Vírgenes y Puerto Rico a recibir su pago de estímulo de forma rápida y automática. AARP ha estado recibiendo llamadas de beneficiarios del Seguro Social de las Islas Vírgenes preocupadas por recibir su dinero de estímulo sin tener que presentar un formulario 1040 según las instrucciones de la Oficina de Impuestos Internos de las Islas Vírgenes.
Social Security Card in front of Benjamin Franklin on dollar note
En Español | Earlier today, May 12, 2020, AARP penned a letter to Andrew Saul, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, urging him to assist residents of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to receive their stimulus payment quickly and automatically. AARP has been fielding calls from Virgin Islands Social Security beneficiaries concerned about receiving their stimulus monies without having to file a 1040 as instructed by the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue.
1 p.m. ET — Veterans and 7 p.m. ET — Stay at Home with Experts Ty Pennington, Carla Hall & Matt Paxton
You never know when you could find yourself in charge of a loved one’s care. From a catastrophic injury to a sudden decline in health, their life changes can dramatically alter yours too.
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English AARP está proporcionando información y recursos sobre COVID-19 para ayudar a los isleños de las Islas Vírgenes mayores y sus familias a protegerse del virus y evitar que se propague a otros.
Time is taking its toll on my aging body
Español AARP is providing information and resources about COVID-19 to help older Virgin Islanders, and their families protect themselves from the virus and prevent it from spreading to others.
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