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APR 13, 2021
A guide to when, where and whether to get a COVID-19 vaccine
As the first COVID-19 vaccines have become available in the U.S., a state-by-state patchwork has emerged for where and when older adults can get inoculated. Even in states that have started offering vaccines to older adults — to those 65 and over, 70 and over, 75 and over or 80 and over, depending on the state — getting a vaccination appointment can be a huge challenge.
APR 21, 2020
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APR 1, 2021
Older residents and people with disabilities may find it difficult to get onto a local beach. But after an advocacy campaign by AARP Virgin Islands, a new law provides ramps or walkways on at least five beaches—two each on St. Croix and St. Thomas, one on St. John —so people with mobility issues can get over the sand to the sea.
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Emergency Preparedness Kits
AARP in The Virgin Islands (AARP VI) and the Virgin Islands Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VI VOAD), the St. Croix Long Term Recovery Group, the St. Thomas Recovery Team, and the Love City Strong non-profit organizations all collaborated to donate 1,000 emergency preparedness kits to Virgin Islands seniors in need territory wide. This collaborative effort is the beginning of an ongoing project to help seniors prepare for a natural disaster.
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In English| AARP en las Islas Vírgenes ha liderado los esfuerzos para la aprobación de la legislación de Calles Completas. El viernes 2 de octubre de 2020, durante la Audiencia del Comité de Transporte de Vivienda, Infraestructura y Telecomunicaciones de la 33a Legislatura, el Proyecto de Ley No. 33-0041 y Enmienda 33-681, que establece la Póliza de Calles Completas en los diseños de construcción y reparación de carreteras dentro del Territorio, recibió una respuesta favorable y todos los miembros del Comité votaron a favor del proyecto de ley. El proyecto de ley ahora se dirige al Comité de Reglas y Poder Judicial. AARP agradece a los patrocinadores del proyecto de ley: los Senadores Steven Payne y Oakland Benta. AARP también agradece al Senador Marvin A. Blyden, Presidente del Comité, y a los Miembros del Comité: los Senadores Alicia Barnes, Allison DeGazon, Donna Frett-Gregory, Stedman Hodge, Jr., Myron B. Jackson y Javan James.
Bike Competition
En Español | AARP in The Virgin Islands has led the efforts for the passage of Complete Streets Legislation. On Friday, October 2, 2020, during the 33rd Legislatures’ Committee on Housing Transportation, Infrastructure & Telecommunications Hearing, Bill No. 33-0041 and Amendment 33-681, which establishes the Complete Streets Policy in the construction and repairs designs of roadways within the Territory, received favorable response with all Committee members voting in favor of the Bill. The Bill now heads to the Committee on Rules and Judiciary. AARP thanks the Bill’s Sponsors - Senators Steven Payne and Oakland Benta. AARP also thanks Senator Marvin A. Blyden, Chair of the Committee, and Committee Members - Senators Alicia Barnes, Allison DeGazon, Donna Frett-Gregory, Stedman Hodge, Jr., Myron B. Jackson, and Javan James.
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AARP in The Virgin Islands to Hold Permanent Seat in Commission
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AARP en las Islas Vírgenes ocupará un puesto permanente en la Comisión
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En Ingles | Este mes de la herencia hispana, en AARP en las Islas Vírgenes, seguimos apoyando a los latinos. Tu determinación y fortaleza han construido comunidades más fuertes, ayudándonos a estar mejor entrelazados.
AARP VI Celebrates HHM
En Español | This Hispanic Heritage Month, AARP in The Virgin Islands continues to support Latinos. Your determination and strength have helped weave stronger, more tightly knit communities.
aarp nevada presidential election
Virgin Islanders, facing the threat of the coronavirus as well as hurricane season, will have a much easier—and safer—time voting this fall because of important changes to how and where eligible voters can cast ballots.
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