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AARP Offers Free Bridge Lessons with National Bridge Champion Larry Cohen

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Bridge is a highly social game that provides brain stimulation whether you’re taking classes or playing in games. If you’re looking for a challenge and want to make more friends, this is the game for you.

In a five-session series, you’ll learn the basics of bridge from the very beginning. The free virtual lessons include clear explanations on taking tricks and how you can have the time of your life with this amazing game. It also will include important information on brain health and how social activities and games that exercise your mind are important pillars of a healthy brain. By the end of the sessions, you’ll feel comfortable going to your local bridge center or club game and continuing your newly found fascination with a great card game.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the world’s greatest bridge teachers, five-time national Bridge champion and Hall of Famer Larry Cohen. Each session is one-hour, from 11:00 am until noon. Register for any or all of the free sessions with the links below:

January 17: Getting Started -- Let's Talk About Bridge What some call "the world's greatest card game," you'll learn how the game combines strategic thinking and language skills. As a partnership game, it also can create meaningful friendships. REGISTER

January 24:  What’s Trump? Sometimes we play with a wild suit, called a "Trump" suit, sometimes we don’t. Let’s have some fun and learn how to capture all of our opponent’s cards. REGISTER

January 31: Cards, Cards, Cards There are 52 cards in a deck, no jokers in bridge – except for your partner! You will learn how you get to play 13 of them. REGISTER

February 7: A Foreign Language -the Auction One pair gets to declare the trump or notrump contract. To do that there has to be an auction. How high should you go? Things will get more complicated but Larry will expertly walk you through the options. REGISTER

February 14: Bringing it all Home Now that you know how to take tricks and the beginnings of a new foreign language, let’s put it all together and practice this amazing game. REGISTER

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