All 140 seats in the state legislature are on the November ballot. AARP Virginia urges all eligible voters to make their voices heard on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5.
The Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) will host the Voters with Disabilities Engagement Expo on April 30 to promote awareness about the wide variety of resources available to assist members of the disability community with the voting process.
Voting in the mid-term elections is easy for some people – just a quick walk around the corner or a short drive to the polling station. But for others, it may seem impossible.
Mail Absentee Ballots Due Tuesday Oct. 30 In-person Absentee Voting Ends November 3
AARP Volunteers  On the Move for Voters’ Engagement
Watching Television
A political ad that mentions AARP is currently being broadcast in Virginia.  AARP did not authorize the political ad and we did not participate in its production.
AARP VA Senate Debate Watch Party
Deadline to Apply for Mailed Absentee Applications is October 30
Debate for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat can be viewed across the Commonwealth
Citizens of the Old Dominion who are over 65 or disabled don’t even need to get out of their cars to cast a ballot in this year’s contests.
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