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We’re writing with an important message to let you know that we have canceled our external events until further notice. While convening events is a core part of our mission, we have changed our approach in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
AARP volunteer Elsie Wood presented the Five Pillars of Brain Health to a crowd of 17 people in the chapel at Friendship Manor in Roanoke, on Friday, Feb. 29. Passing out literature and freebies was fellow volunteer, Erm.
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“Should I stay or should I go?” When The Clash sang those words back in the 1980s, they likely didn’t realize how relevant they would be to the attendees of the Housing Options and Home Improvement program presented at Beatley Library in Alexandria on February 20, 2020. The program was offered as part of the Senior Services of Alexandria’s Speaker Series.
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Benefit Consortia and Association Health Plans Are Bad for Virginians
It is not only a new year, but a new decade, and a great time to reflect on new changes. Is your health where you would like it to be? Is your doctor recommending more activity?
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AARP SEVA volunteers are putting one foot forward with the addition of two new AARP Walking Groups in the region. Both groups were inspired by the area's first Walking Group in Chesapeake, led by Sharon Gooden-Harrell.
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It's a fact. People are living longer and healthier lives. AARP in Virginia is
Running shoes, workout ready
Achieve that New Year's resolution to be more active by participating in the AARP Virginia Walking Group in Virginia Beach! Get active be social while enjoying a walk with others.
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