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Claudia Eckels: 2024 AARP Virginia President’s Award

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Claudia Eckels, left, with AARP Virginia State President Joyce Williams.
Karen Taylor Davis

Claudia Eckels of Midlothian holds several key roles within AARP showcasing her dedication and expertise in volunteer management and training. Eckels is an AARP Volunteer Portal Champion providing support and guidance to volunteers using the portal. As a training specialist for the AARP Office of Volunteer Engagement, Claudia plays a crucial role in training volunteers on how to effectively use the Volunteer Portal. Her expertise ensures that volunteers are equipped with the necessary skills to fulfill their roles efficiently.

Her excellence in screening prospective volunteers has significantly contributed to AARP Virginia's volunteer recruitment efforts. In 2023 alone, her efforts led to the addition of 83 new volunteers, highlighting her effectiveness in matching volunteers' skills and interests with suitable roles.

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AARP Virginia Associate State Director Brian Jacks, left, with Claudia Eckels.
Karen Taylor Davis

Eckels demonstrates a remarkable commitment to volunteering, dedicating up to 30 hours per week to her roles within AARP Virginia. Her diligence is evident in her daily monitoring of the volunteer portal and prompt outreach to new prospects and applicants. She actively shares her knowledge and expertise with fellow volunteers, providing resources such as scripts and tip sheets to support their success. Her supportive approach encourages others to excel in their roles and fosters a culture of learning and growth within the organization.

Eckels’ role as a training specialist extends beyond Virginia, as she travels across the country to conduct training sessions. Her willingness to share her knowledge on a broader scale reflects her commitment to advancing volunteerism within AARP nationwide. Although Eckels is planning a move soon to the Buffalo, New York area, she plans to remain a volunteer for AARP Virginia.

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Claudia Eckels gives her acceptance speech from the podium at the 2024 volunteer celebration as AARP Virginia State President stands by.
Karen Taylor Davis

The President’s Awards for Community Service are given to deserving individuals or groups chosen at the discretion of AARP Virginia State President Joyce Williams, of Roanoke, to recognize the significant contributions they have made to the work of AARP Virginia over the last year.

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