Georgians: Ask Presidential Candidates to Take a Stand on Social Security!

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Social Security has helped nearly 250 million Americans in its 80-year history.  But as America evolved over those 80 years, Social Security didn’t follow.  Social Security faces both short- and long-term challenges.  Social Security can pay full benefits for nearly 18 years.  However, if no action is taken, benefits will be cut by nearly 25% in 2034 across the board. Social Security needs to be updated for the 21st century so we can keep the promise for future generations.  But …

AARP Georgia Announces Introduction of Retirement Security Bill

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  Senator Charlie Bethel, Chair of the Georgia Senate Insurance and Labor Committee has introduced SR 736, which would create a legislative study committee to examine the retirement needs of working Georgians and determine the feasibility of creating a “Work and Save” plan in the state. Currently, one out of every two workers in the State of Georgia does not have a way to save for retirement at work. A “Work and Save” plan would give those employees a simple …

AARP Georgia Names Debra Tyler-Horton as New State Director

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AARP Georgia is pleased to announce the appointment of Debra Tyler-Horton as its new State Director, a move that elevates her from AARP North Carolina’s Associate State Director – Multicultural Outreach to this state’s top decision-making position. Tyler-Horton joined the AARP NC team in 2010 tasked with developing a deeper presence in diverse communities by strengthening visibility, engaging volunteers and members, building key relationships, conducting grassroots activities and participating in educational forums.  Tyler-Horton has demonstrated success leading and managing teams, …

Aging Supporters Rally at Georgia Capitol

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Seniors are voters too! Fund aging now! These and many more slogans were chanted loudly and announced on signs today during the annual Be There 4 Seniors Rally at the Georgia Capitol. Over 300 advocates gathered to push for more intentional legislation for Georgians. Twenty AARP Georgia volunteers and staff members rallied in support of caregivers, protection of the vulnerable, and independence promotion.  

Macon-Bibb Volunteers Support MLK Parade Marchers

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By AARPGA Macon-Bibb Volunteer, Jim Bass AARP Georgia Macon-Bibb volunteers received a warm welcome to participate in this year’s Martin Luther King Day Parade by Mayor Robert Reichert. The volunteers set up tables offering information about AARP and provided water to the marchers. Over 1,000 people participated in the march. The marchers gathered in front of the Government Building, marching from all the communities from the four corners of the city, north, south, east, and west Macon.  

Georgia Age-Friendly Community Featured by American Planning Association

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Age-Friendly Macon-Bibb, the founding member of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities, was one of three AARP areas highlighted by the American Planning Association for enhanced work to make a community more livable for all ages. The article details the benefits of Livable Communities, such as Macon-Bibb’s example and how community members are using the results of the Livability Index to help residents age in place. Pictured: AARP Georgia Interim State President and Lead Age-Friendly Macon-Bibb Volunteer, Myrtle Habersham