Doral, Fla. – A global leader of a movement to make cities livable for people of all ages will weigh in Thursday on how Miami could redesign itself, thanks to AARP Florida and the Miami Downtown Development Authority.

Author and livability expert Gil Penelosa, founder and chair of the board of 8 80 Cities, will speak at a luncheon about the importance of creating a more youth and age-friendly Miami and the importance of intergenerational open spaces, such as parks. The 8 80 Cities organization is leading a global movement aimed at making cities more livable for people from age 8 to age 80.

The discussion is part of Linked & Livable Miami, a week of 14 events, meetings, and keynotes hosted by Miami Downtown Development Authority, 8 80 Cities, and Knight Foundation that will take place at The Black Archives Historic Lyric Theater in Overtown.

Miami-Dade has the largest population of older adults in the State of Florida with over half a million older adults age 60 and over. That population is expected to continue to grow to over 800,000 by 2040, representing 25 percent of the total population of Miami-Dade County.

“Miami is growing and aging. As it does, this demographic change provides tremendous opportunities to become a more walkable and livable community that supports all ages and abilities,” said Laura Cantwell, Associate State Director for Advocacy and Outreach for AARP Florida. “This week’s events offer opportunities to take action, inspire a common vision, and ensure that Miami is more connected, mobile and vibrant for all.”

The goals of this event, along with all others throughout the week, are to foster more effective mobility systems to allow people to move through the community, to connect city residents and visitors through public spaces for all ages and abilities, and to engage residents in the planning process and address community needs as the city grows.