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Donna Weiner has had more than her share of health challenges. A breast cancer survivor twice over, she also suffers from a damaged and nearly destroyed pituitary gland. 
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Darlene Gee was in a Palm Beach County courtroom for a family court hearing several years ago when she got a shock: Her granddaughter, faced with the loss of custody of her little girl and infant boy, had just asked a judge to give Gee legal authority to raise her infant great-grandchildren.
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When Joan Thomas got the chance to volunteer to help in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, she didn’t hesitate, though she is 79 and had been retired from a career as a registered nurse for nine years. 
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From Washington, D.C., to state capitols across the country, new elections proposals in more than 40 states, including Florida, have received widespread criticism. Observers point to what they say is a pattern of voter suppression tactics by state legislators.
Lori Green, one of the retired nurses come out of retirement for covid vaccine
Active and retired nurses, doctors and other health-care professionals are volunteering throughout Florida to help in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. 
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For Floridians with annual incomes of from $17,420 up to $26,130 for a family of two – or anyone who’s received unemployment compensation in 2020 or 2021, the ARPA benefits could even cut monthly health-care premiums to zero for a Silver-level ACA plan through 2022.
K9s For Warriors - AARP Florida
Of all the sadness and isolation inflicted on Floridians age 50-plus by the COVID-19 pandemic, one struck an especially painful blow: Furry friends disappeared from elder-care facilities.
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We are hearing very strong concerns from our members and all older Floridians.  Too many older people are frustrated by their inability to understand when and where they can get vaccinated.  And in some communities, a long history of systemic discrimination has left trust in tatters.  This is jeopardizing the effectiveness of a brilliant scientific success in developing the vaccines.
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Florida nursing homes reported 0.69 resident deaths per 100 nursing home residents in that period, while the national average rate was 0.48 deaths per 100 residents. 
Protect 50 plus voters
46 percent of those surveyed said they hadn’t heard enough from candidates about their plans for the future of Social Security, and 47.6 percent said they hadn’t heard enough about candidates’ plans for the future of Medicare
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