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Dave Bruns

Research, resources, and a strong support network can make caregiving journeys easier. But when my wife was struck with Stage Three breast cancer, I learned about something many spousal caregivers must face: gnawing fear.
Now a well-established Florida physician, Jorge de Diego fled a revolution in Cuba to come to the United States. His advice to younger Florida Hispanics: "Vote from the heart.”
AARP Florida gives basic tips on what homeowners, renters and business owners can do to get help and avoid scams after the storm.
Annalee Kruger tells her story about what inspired her to start a business that helps families navigate the caregiving journey
Florida's specialized team of elder advocates are problem-solvers, trained in state and federal law and regulations, and they have a passion for what they do.
Florida’s database was the first of its kind, an innovation that seniors and their families should know about – especially as they prepare for hurricane season
Many families struggle to know what to do when their loved one suffers from poor care. Check out these tips that can help you ensure they get the best care.
This Tampa family paid the ultimate price for inexperienced staff and poor nursing home care
A 40-year nurse’s perspective: "Long-term care is broken. And it’s headed for a crisis."
Donna Weiner has had more than her share of health challenges. A breast cancer survivor twice over, she also suffers from a damaged and nearly destroyed pituitary gland.
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