Among the first of its kind in the nation, the new system will include key information on court-appointed guardians, including how many people they oversee, if they’re registered with the state and if there are disciplinary actions against them.
Hand completing Emergency Preparation List
Hurricane season starts June 1. AARP Florida wants residents, especially those in long-term care facilities, to be prepared for storms.
Donna Weiner image.jpg
Donna Weiner has had more than her share of health challenges. A breast cancer survivor twice over, she also suffers from a damaged and nearly destroyed pituitary gland. 
Wheelchair bound man with nursing assistant
No matter where you are in the caregiver journey, these local agencies and organizations can help make the process easier
Grandparents enjoying with grandchildren on tree house
Darlene Gee was in a Palm Beach County courtroom for a family court hearing several years ago when she got a shock: Her granddaughter, faced with the loss of custody of her little girl and infant boy, had just asked a judge to give Gee legal authority to raise her infant great-grandchildren.
walk to end alzheimers -  florida partnership
AARP Florida and the Alzheimer’s Association Florida chapters have teamed up to spread awareness about the needs of caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s, educate about the risks and prevention of the disease as well as share the latest breakthroughs in dementia research.
Senior facility gets COVID-19 vaccine
Low nursing home staff and resident vaccination rates have experts concerned about another wave of infections
donna foundation jacksonville mothers day
The DONNA Foundation is proud to partner with AARP Florida as the Title Sponsor of DONNA Mother’s Day Your Way (registration is still open). 
nurse hold hands of a nursing home resident
A proposed bill in the Florida Legislature would allow nursing homes to substitute that care with Personal Care Assistants, who receive only 8 hours total training
Nursing home staff and resident
For those with a spouse, sibling, parent, or other loved one in a nursing home, AARP Florida strongly encourages you to ask your loved one’s facility key questions to help keep them safe, connected, and informed.
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