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“I never thought I was any kind of caregiver. I was just doing what I needed to do as a wife for my husband.”
For the first time since AARP began publishing the Scorecard in 2011, more than half of Medicaid long-term care dollars nationwide for older adults and people with physical disabilities went to home- and community-based services instead of nursing homes and other institution.
Nurse and non-nurse staffing in Florida nursing homes “appears to be on a downward trajectory,” pointing to an “urgent need” to understand staffing patterns and how to increase time devoted to resident care, says an AARP Florida study.
AARP ha publicado el informe Valuing the Invaluable (Valorando lo invaluable) de 2023. Florida es el hogar de 2.7 millones de cuidadores y el cuidado de sus seres queridos está valorado en $40 mil millones, según nuevos datos estatales. El nuevo informe muestra un aumento de $ 9 mil millones en contribuciones impagas desde que se publicó el último informe en 2019. El informe Valuing the Invaluable destaca el alcance y la creciente complejidad del cuidado familiar y destaca las acciones necesarias para abordar los muchos desafíos del cuidado de padres, cónyuges, y otros seres queridos.
As the Legislature begins a new session, the care delivered in the state’s roughly 700 nursing homes will again be pivotal.
Agencias locales y organizaciones que pueden hacer el proceso de cuidar más fácil, no importa en qué punto de tu trayectoria te encuentres.
No matter where you are in the caregiver journey, these local agencies and organizations can help make the process easier
Among the first of its kind in the nation, the new system will include key information on court-appointed guardians, including how many people they oversee, if they’re registered with the state and if there are disciplinary actions against them.
Hurricane season starts June 1. AARP Florida wants residents, especially those in long-term care facilities, to be prepared for storms.
Donna Weiner has had more than her share of health challenges. A breast cancer survivor twice over, she also suffers from a damaged and nearly destroyed pituitary gland.
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