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AARP Study Reveals Top Technologies That May Improve Driver Safety

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AARP Driver Safety, in partnership with the MIT Age Lab and The Hartford recently completed a study that outlined vehicle technologies that help meet the unique needs, concerns and priorities of everyday drivers.

According to the study, several technologies available today assist drivers in judging the distance between their car and others while on the road. These include:


    1.  Blind spot warning systems that alert drivers of unseen obstacles, particularly while changing lanes and parking.
    2.  Reverse monitoring systems that warn the driver of objects behind them, helping the driver judge distances so they can back up safely.
    3. Crash mitigation systems that detect when there is a danger of a collision, helping to minimize injuries to the driver and passengers.
    4. Lane guidance warning systems that alert a driver if their vehicle is deviating outside of the lane.
    5. Assistive parking systems enable vehicles to literally park on their own, reducing driver stress, making parking easier, and increasing where a driver can park.


For a full list of top technologies and to watch demonstrations of how they work, visit AARP's Driving Resource Center. For more information on the AARP Smart Driver course, click here or call 1-877-846-3299.

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