Left to right: Joyce Williams, Brian Jacks, and Jackie Robinson

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, the Movies for Grownups feature was Lean of Pete. It’s a story of love, loneliness, family and friendship. Scores of people attended the movie showing at Roanoke. Some had attended earlier movies in the series, while dozens were first timers. Joyce Williams, Brian Jacks and Jackie Robinson worked the event. Not pictured was Susan Wilson.


Joyce Williams preparing pillows

On Thursday, June 18, 2018, The United Way of the Roanoke Valley sponsored its annual Day of Action, which offered scores of volunteer opportunities to people throughout the Roanoke Valley at dozens of venues in need of help.  Several Community Ambassadors on the Roanoke AARP VA Leadership Team participated.  Joyce Williams volunteered at the Presbyterian Community Center in the Southeast section of the City serving low income people in the area with a food pantry, educational support services and recreational opportunities.   Joyce’s community of Orchard Villas donated jelly, beef stew and fruit to the food pantry.  After helping to “price” items for the food pantry, Joyce helped with preparation of pillows that will be distributed to homeless people.

Right to left: Priscilla Casey and her friend Iris

Priscilla Casey volunteered with her friend Iris, and Rob,  Feeding America of SWVA volunteer, assisted in the Roanoke City’s “Feed and Read” at the Melrose Branch of the Public Library with 25 youngsters in attendance.  Brian Jacks, Associate Director of AARP for SW Virginia worked in a cleanup detail at the Virginia Museum of Transportation helping to prepare the Museum for upcoming events at the venue including Grandparents’ Day scheduled for Saturday, August 4, 2018.  Grandparents’ Day will be sponsored by AARP VA and the Roanoke AARP Leadership Team. For more about Grandparents day Click here