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Of the more than 726,000 veterans in Virginia, only 20% have used their Veteran’s Administration health care benefits, according to U.S. Census Bureau
Rises in Cases and Deaths in Virginia Show Continued Need for Reform to Protect Residents and Staff
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Here are three things you can do to safeguard your loved one from financial exploitation.
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AARP Urges Legislators to Focus on Nursing Home Safety
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Unbelievable?  Believe it!  So, how can those unpaid caregivers that provide such an extraordinary contribution be acknowledged? That is a question on which Delegate Sam Rasoul, representing the 11th House District of the General Assembly of Virginia, has focused for some years now. 
Here in Virginia, staff cases spiked dramatically from a rate of 1.23 per 100 residents in December to 18.6 in January, the highest since the pandemic began. Resident cases increased nearly 10-fold from a rate of 1.49 to 14.4 per 100 residents during this same period, also the highest since the pandemic began. Nursing home resident deaths from COVID-19 more than doubled from a rate of .15 in December to .37 per 100 residents in January.
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Six lawmakers to decide fate of nursing home staffing bills
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House Bill 646 would establish minimum hourly staffing standards for facilities
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Virginia’s General Assembly is in session, and AARP Virginia is urging lawmakers to protect vulnerable people and their families by addressing long-standing and well-known problems in the nursing home industry.
With many aging Americans spending more time in isolation, AARP Virginia is helping locals through the Staying Sharp program.
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