Join us for lunch and hear from medical and community professionals on a wide range of topics that help you stay informed and active.  ACTIVE meets every last Wednesday of the month from noon – 1:30 p.m. in the Engh Conference Center of Inova Mount Vernon Hospital.

ACTIVE: Adult Community That Is Very Energetic is the name of the monthly active adults’ community group co-sponsored by Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, Mount Vernon at Home, and AARP Virginia.

Last Wednesday of each month
12 noon – 1:30 p.m.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital
2501 Parkers Lane, Engh Conference Center, 2nd Floor
Alexandria VA 22306

HomeFit Workshop: Modify Your Home for Safety and Comfort – February 27
The AARP HomeFit Workshop provides information to participants on how to decide what type of home modifications are needed to stay in their home as they age. It also provides ideas and inspiration on making those modifications. The goal of the presentation is to educate participants on home updates that can make it easier for them to go about their daily activities while staying comfortable, independent, and injury-free in their home.

Buying and Using a New TV and Trends in TV Viewing March 27
In case you are interested in buying a new TV or just interested in finding out more about the recent huge leaps in TV technology, this presentation will explain the latest features found on TV’s in an easy to grasp way. We will also look at some of the latest trends in TV viewing such as getting TV over the Internet.

For example, learn to determine what TV types and sizes may be best for you and what to look out for when buying a new TV. See how a “Smart TV” can access the Internet and allow “streaming” of (sometimes free) movies and other programming including material from Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. Also, learn about streaming media players/ or devices that can be attached to your TV to allow access to Internet programming. Learn how you can access TV programming remotely from your cable provider.

In addition, see how you can view your local broadcast stations over-the-air for free, the old fashioned way, using an antenna.

Taking the Health Care Journey: Putting the Pieces TogetherApril 24
In today’s world, there are numerous health care components one must consider upon returning home from the hospital. In this session, you’ll learn about the different pieces of the health care journey: from rehabilitation to home health care to hospice services to care management and everything in between. Our panel of experts will help you understand what you need to know about the many pieces of the health care journey.

Space is limited each month to the first 50 respondents; register today!

These events are open to the public and all are welcome.

The fee to cover lunch: $5 cash or check only – payable at the door

No products or services will be sold or promoted at these events.