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Financial Series - Let's Talk Dinero with AARP

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Planning for your financial future starts today, and we know that can be overwhelming and daunting at times. There are competing responsibilities, like la familia, education, work, social groups and more. Having a strong financial plan will help you and your family be better prepared for the future, whether it’s saving for emergencies and retirement, reducing debt, owning a home, or starting a business. Regardless of what your short and long-term financial goals are, we can help.

Let’s Talk Dinero with AARP™ is a monthly series that will connect you to information and resources to build financial resilience and security. We’re partnering with financial experts across the state to talk about asset protection, debt management, caregiving costs, retirement planning, entrepreneurship and more.

Events are held the fourth Monday of every month at 4 p.m. unless otherwise listed.


  • Navigating Student Financial Aid - May 30 at 4 p.m.

    Are you helping a student prepare for college? Get the FAQs about financial aid! Join us on Thursday, May 30 at 4 p.m. and discover how to finance your student’s college, learn how to navigate financial aid applications, and identify sources of financial assistance.

  • Improving Your Credit Score (VIDEO COMING SOON)
    Whether you’re looking to buy a car or rent a casita, having a good credit score can help. During this workshop, discover the importance of a strong credit score, learn how it’s calculated and get practical strategies to improve your credit.
  • Preparing Your Nest Egg
    How much dinero will you need for retirement? During this workshop, you'll learn how to invest in your nest egg, get tips to maximize your retirement savings, and connect to resources for financial security.
  • To Buy or Not to Buy
    What does the housing market look like today; should you buy, refinance or invest? Learn about the state of housing market, the overall impact of the economy, resources available, information on interest rates and more.

  • Protect Your Corazón and Dinero
    Keep your corazón and dinero protected this holiday season. Hear from the FTC about the latest scams, the top tactics that scammers are using, and steps to take if you or someone you know is a victim of a scam.

  • Estate Planning for Caregivers

    Join us for a chat with two attorneys about estate planning, including estates, wills, probate matters, conservatorships and more.
  • Financing Your ADU
    Hear from a mortgage professional about the ADU financing options available, including grant programs and loans; required credit scores and documentation needed; and more.
  • Quick and Easy Business Plan
    Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, having a well-defined business plan will help your negocio expand and grow. You'll get a step-by-step process to build a business plan, learn how to define your target audience, get tips on your brand and marketing strategy and more!
  • Protecting Yourself from Scams
    Hear from the Federal Trade Commission about the top scams in 2023, what to do if you or a ser querido has been a victim of fraud y más.
  • Tax Season is Always in Season
    Did you know that the IRS has extended the tax deadline for California storm victims? Hear from Luis Rosa, a certified financial planner, about tax season, the impact of taxes on Medicare premiums, taxes on Social Security benefits, how to make the most of your tax return and more.
  • Personal Branding and Social Media
    Having the right online presence can mean more business, more clients, and more revenue. Hear from author and international speaker, Deborah Deras, about personal branding and social media. Learn how to create a personal brand, use social media to convert likes into sales, sell online and more.
  • Financial Wellbeing
    Financial wellbeing is described as the extent to which an individual feels that their financial situation provides security, future stability, and freedom of choice. Learn how to build financial wellbeing and resilience, habits to improve financial health, and tips on budgeting during inflation and uncertain times.
  • Estate Planning
    Hear from attorney Daniela Hernandez about probate matters, including wills, trusts, conservatorship proceedings and trust administration.
  • Debt Management
    Hear from Financial Coach, Isabel Duran De Gallegos, about how to increase credit scores, tactics to negotiate collection accounts, tips to pay down debt and more. 
  • Entrepreneurship - Creating a Business Plan - RECORDING PENDING
    Are you an entrepreneur? Learn about local resources to help you grow and expand your businesses, and get tips to develop a business plan from start to finish.
  • Learning About Retirement Savings
    Learn about how to save for retirement. CalSavers is a completely voluntary retirement program and ensures nearly all Californians have access to a workplace retirement savings program by offering employees a low-cost, portable retirement savings program with professionally managed investments.
  • Managing Caregiving Costs
    Get tips on how to manage caregiving costs from a California Work and Family Coalition representative, and learn about the Family and Medical Leave Act, which allows workers to take caregiving leave while protecting their jobs. 

  • Homeownership Scams
    In our first episode of Let's Talk Dinero, we talk with the Federal Trade Commission about common homeownership scams, how to avoid them, and what to do if you have been a victim. Click below or HERE to view the recording.


  • Money Map helps you develop a budget, plan for unexpected expenses, manage debt and build a savings plan.
  • Savi Student Loan Repayment Tool provides one-to-one support with student loan experts that will help you explore repayment and forgiveness programs.
  • Social Security Calculator helps you determine your benefits based on your average income over your working years.
  • 401(k) Savings and Planning Calculator helps you plan your retirement goals based on your contributions and your employer’s match, if applicable.  
  • AARP Interview an Advisor helps you understand a financial advisor’s credentials and how to select and advisor that best fits your needs.
  • To access our financial planning hub, click HERE.
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