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Every November, Americans turn the clock back to gain an extra hour of sleep. And although the extra shut-eye sounds dreamy, even a one-hour change in our sleep cycles can affect our sleep patterns for up to one week, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
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If a national disaster strikes tomorrow, will you be prepared? In a recent study, FEMA found that only 68% of adults have taken three or more of the basic actions to prepare for an emergency.
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As part of our celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month, we're highlighting four community leaders who've made meaningful contributions. Check out the videos!
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We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage month from September 15 to October 15, honoring the contributions and perseverance of Latino and Hispanic cultures. Join the festivities by participating in our virtual events, including a museum tour, concert (in-person), virtual conversations about health and empowerment, a cooking demonstration, and more!  
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AARP California is staying connected with you through virtual events. Check out our September line-up and participate in one or all!
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Are you tossing and turning at night? You’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, roughly half of older adults report problems with insomnia.
Video calls, zoom meetings and just about any virtual hangout have become a part of our daily routines; and more than 80% of adults 50+ have used technology to stay connected during the pandemic, according to AARP’s annual technology survey.
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Ser dueño de un negocio puede ser una experiencia gratificante. Si aspiras a ser empresario y has pensando en lanzar tu propio negocio después de la pandemia o después de la jubilación, estamos aquí para ayudarte. 
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Owning a business can be a fulfilling experience. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who’s been thinking about launching your own business post-pandemic or post-retirement, we’re here to help. 
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Want to prepare savory and healthy meals this summer? You won't want to miss our next Tea & Coffee Tuesday.
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