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DOWNSIZING AND DECLUTTERING: Beginner Tips from Amelia the Clutter Queen

Cluttered Closet
Photo courtesy of Amelia Hatcher


Got too much stuff?  You're not alone!

Summer is around the corner - so open those windows, lift that garage door, and toss that clutter!

Don't know where to start?

Well, here are a few tips to help you kick the clutter to the curb!

Pick one project:

  • A closet
  • A junk drawer
  • Your desk
  • The pantry


Do not tackle this after a long stressful day.  Start fresh, with a clear mind. This way, you don't get frustrated and give up before you finish.

Make several piles and sort everything by:

  • Keep
  • Toss/Trash
  • Donate
  • Consign/Sell

As you sort, ask yourself WHY you need to keep each item.  If you’re not sure...LET IT GO!

Give everything a proper home.

For example, if you are organizing your desk/office, separate important documents, bills, junk mail, etc.

  • Shred anything with personal information.
  • Use color folders to get organized.  (Blue - bills, Red - medical, yellow - home/car, green - kids/family)
  • Make an in/out box for incoming & outgoing mail.
  • Start a drawer/container with stamps, tape, scissors, pens, paper clips, etc.

Clutter and chaos didn't happen overnight. They cause stress and frustration. Less is always more.  Until next time...

Stay focused, think positive,
Smile big & toss something!

Amelia the Clutter Queen

Amelia Love Hatcher is a professional organizer and volunteer for AARP.  She's been serving families for more than 5 years. Visit her website for more clutter-busting tips, before and after pictures, and more!

Organized Closet
Photo courtesy of Amelia Hatcher

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