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East Central College Expo in Union

Avoid scams and fraud - join the network now
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Live more comfortably - and avoid scams and frauds!

AARP volunteer Dick and Sue Bossch discussed Home Fit and the AARP Fraud Watch Network with 165 individuals who stopped by the Senior Expo and Health Fair held at East Central College in Union. Exhibit visitors received information about Home Fit which provides "smart solutions for making your home comfortable, safe and a great fit."

The Fraud Watch Network information is helping arm people with tools they need to avoid fraud and scams. Resources such as learning about the latest scams, how to contact law enforcement if fraud is suspected, and many other features in the network helps protects individuals and their families.

To learn more about Home Fit and to get a free online guide, go to Learn how to make your home more accessible, safe and comfortable with either minor or major renovations or repairs. Not sure if you're being scammed - or if a family member or friend is a victim of fraud? Call toll-free 1-877-908-3360 to speak to a volunteer trained to spot fraud, or go online to


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