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Executive Council: Interview with Barrie Atkin

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Barrie Atkin is one of four new members of the AARP Massachusetts 2013 Executive Council. In the video (below), Barrie's new colleagues--Gordon Mathieson, Deborah Washington, and Jane Ahern-Defillippi--were asked about their role and their work on the Executive Council. Since Barrie wasn't available for the videotaping, we've included her responses to the same questions here. Welcome, Barrie!



1.  As a member of the AARP Massachusetts Executive Council, which issue is most important to you?

Barrie: Making sure that AARP Massachusetts serves and represents the needs of ALL adults 50+ including the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) population.  As they age, LGBT older adults are more likely to live alone and be more vulnerable, may be more fearful of mainstream institutions, and may lack access to many of the resources and support services that the heterosexual population takes for granted.

2. What specific activities are you and the Council working on right now?

Barrie: First, protecting Social Security and Medicare for our current seniors and for future generations.Second, helping spread the word about the incredible resources that AARP Massachusetts offers to people 50+ in each decade. And third, representing ALL of the amazing diversity of Massachusetts’ 50+ population.

3.  How do you see your individual role as a member of the Executive Council?

Barrie: To b e a liaison to and from the LGBT community and AARP Massachusetts and to r epresent AARP Massachusetts on the LGBT Aging Commission, which will study the unique needs of older LGBT adults and their caregivers. Additionally, to b ecome knowledgeable about the Affordable Care Act in order to serve as a resource to the Executive Council and other volunteers in AARP Massachusetts.

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