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AARP FL pleased to have Social Security discussed at Broward Senate Debate

AARP Florida

For Immediate Release
Oct 26, 2016
Media Contact:
Victoria Funes,

AARP FL is pleased to have Social Security discussed at last night’s senate debate at Broward Community College.

Davie, Fla. — AARP’s Florida state director, Jeff Johnson, issued the following statement after last night’s  “Decision 2016:  Before You Vote” debates sponsored by Leadership Florida, Florida Press Association, AARP and other organizations:

“Social Security is a critical issue in Florida and we’re glad the debate moderators asked the candidates to take a stand.  We hope debate watchers will take note of the candidate’s answers as they make their choices and that they will seek information on their Presidential and Congressional candidates’ stands on Social Security at"

Social Security Facts:
In Florida, 9.3 million people now pay into Social Security.  If no action were taken, they would face up to a 25 percent cut in benefits by 2034.  The average Social Security monthly check is $1,240 per month.  Of those Floridians receiving benefits, 27.2 percent rely on Social Security for 90 percent or more of their household income.  Some51.6 percent rely on it for 50 percent or more of their income.  Social Security lifts 1.2 million Florida retirees from poverty.  Some 46 percent of the state’s 65-plus population would have incomes below the poverty line if they did not receive Social Security.

Social Security contributes to the Florida economy.  $56 billion comes in to Florida each year for Social Security payments.  Every $1 received generates $2.10 of economic output.  It is important to the state’s economy and state budget for seniors to retire with financial security.  A 25 percent cut in benefits today translates to about $16 billion less in the pockets of Florida residents.  This would spell serious economic harm for everyone in Florida.

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