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Recharge your inner “Techie” with AARP TEK

Shanna Gillette

Technology, Education & Knowledge: That’s what AARP TEK stands for, and based on feedback from the hundreds that have attended workshops to date, it also stands for empowerment, access and fun.

When you attend an AARP TEK workshop, you will be in the company of Boomers and other AARP members with a common thirst for technology. Want to learn how to video chat, text, Tweet, use Facebook, take photos and videos, upload them and share them – and how to do it all safely? That’s what you can expect at these hands-on community workshops tailored for 50+ audiences.

Bring your own smartphone, tablet or other device, or use devices that AARP TEK provides. Friendly tech advisors demonstrate how to use tablets and smart phones, working in small groups and offering personal coaching. And then the fun begins.

From a grandfather wanting to learn how to FaceTime with his daughter and new grandchild in a different state, to a Boomer starting a new career wanting to create a LinkedIn profile, the workshops are full of enthusiasm and “Aha!” moments.

Even people who have mastered many elements of technology can find something new to learn. Remember, technology is constantly evolving – so even if you’re up to speed on technology today, there will always be something new to learn tomorrow. Whether it’s downloading a GPS navigation app, finding new restaurants in your area or downloading your favorite music, there is ample opportunity to maximize your personal technology skills at an AARP TEK workshop.

This pilot program kicked off in 2013, and is rolling out to several cities in 2014, including Jacksonville and Miami-Dade in Florida this year. Next year, AARP TEK plans an even larger expansion planned. Why? Increasingly, mastering personal technology is not just a “want to” but a “have to.” We don’t only use technology for fun, but also to stay connected with friends and family, combat isolation, access important information and essential services.

“We want to give 50+ consumers the skills and confidence they need to use technology and stay connected to the people and passion in their lives”, says Terry Bradwell, AARP’s Chief Information Officer.   AARP TEK allows you to discover new Real Possibilities. For additional information on AARP TEK workshops in your city and for online tools, please visit

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