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Happy 1st Anniversary Dad!

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By Lucas Asher

I can still remember the summer day about a year ago when, nearing the end of my first semester at college, I received a call from my father that I never expected. He told me he was going to accept a job in Austin, Texas. This job would offer him a career and location change that he wanted for many years. There was nothing I could say to him on the phone except, “You deserve this Dad.” When I ended the phone call, I still was in shock about the fact that my family would be moving from our comfortable suburban home in New Jersey to a funky and vibrant city in the Lone Star State. My father had no assurances that we would enjoy Austin or that the job would be more fulfilling than his last one, but he believed this opportunity was worth taking.

A week ago, my father reached the first anniversary of his new job. He cannot believe that it has been a year since he ventured to Austin by himself (we joined him later in the summer) to begin a new chapter in his life. Well, the verdict is in -- my father loves his new job, the people whom he works with, and the city of Austin. My family has come to embrace this city and all it has to offer.

This career move was more difficult than it may seem. My father ended a long career, moved from where he lived for the last twenty years to an area of the country that is so different from what he was used to. It took a lot of courage and determination to move our family to Austin, and my father deserves a lot of praise for making such a risky decision. My father could have retired and lived the rest of his life in New Jersey but instead chose a bold and unpredictable path in moving to Texas. His decision reflects his adventurous spirit and curiosity in discovering new places.

On this Father’s Day, I can only appreciate all the sacrifices my father has made for our family. The newest chapter in my family’s journey began a year ago because of my father’s willingness to seek change. I can honestly say that this change has been beneficial to our family and my father, who above all, deserves it.


Asher is an intern at AARP Texas, currently attending Macalester College.


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