This past Spring AARP published data that revealed the financial plans of California Gen Xers and Baby Boomers and how prepared they are for their financial future. The survey, entitled California Dreaming…or Struggling: Gen X and Boomer Financial Security,” reveals that for the most part Californians are not ready for retirement; and while they remain optimistic, many are struggling with issues of housing affordability and difficulty in saving for retirement. In an effort to combat these statistics, AARP California is sharing tips and tools, bi-weekly on social media that can help you start living your California dream. Here is a summary of what was shared in July!


Need help getting your finances in check? You are not alone. “Many Californians are unprepared for a major financial setback,” AARP California State President Patricia Pérez stated in response to the survey findings, which revealed that more than 42% of respondents could not withstand a financial expense of $5,000 or less, and another 22% could not afford an emergency expense of $1,000 or less.

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The “CA Dreaming or Struggling” survey also revealed that almost half (42%) of Californians age 36-70 state that housing is the biggest obstacle when it comes to saving for retirement. Are your housing costs holding you back financially?

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According to the “CA Dreaming or Struggling” survey, over half (56%) of survey respondents age 36-70 are anxious that they will not have money to live comfortably in retirement. Are you ready for retirement?

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Learn more about the #CADreamingorStruggling survey findings by visiting, Also, be on the lookout for our August tips, tools and quizzes to help you achieve your California dream!