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Protect Kentucky Retirees' Financial Security in General Assembly

Kentucky Retirees Pay More State Taxes in 2019

In the final hours of Kentucky's 2018 General Assembly, AARP Kentucky is urging lawmakers to hear the voices of Kentuckians and take action to protect retirees. The state office is calling on the General Assembly and Governor Bevin to reject any tax increase on retirement income and restore deductions for medical expenses.

Call your Kentucky lawmakers: 1-800-372-7181

AARP Kentucky released a statement calling on the General Assembly and Governor Bevin to reject any changes to the state’s tax code that reduce the existing level of the pension income exclusion as well as eliminate the medical expense deduction.

Working Kentuckians and today’s retirees did not create the current state fiscal crisis. AARP believes it’s unfair to balance a state budget on the backs of Kentuckians’ with high health care expenses or those who have worked hard saving for retirement. Calls for taxing retirement income fail to acknowledge the vast number of older Kentuckians who contribute financially to the well-being of their children and grandchildren, and act as primary caregivers. Taxing retirement income will minimize retirees’ ability to care for their loved one’s needs and provide assistance with food, housing, transportation, and medical costs.

On behalf of its 470,000 members and all individuals aged 50 plus and their families, AARP Kentucky urges the General Assembly and Governor to find a solution to protect older Kentuckians and today’s retirees from paying millions of dollars more in taxes.

According to AARP Kentucky State President Charlotte Whittaker, “While our legislators are debating new taxes on retirement income as part of a revenue package, they seem to be missing some challenging realities in Kentucky. Adding new tax burdens on older Kentuckians could make it harder for many to pay for basic necessities including groceries, medication, or utility bills, ultimately raising costs to the government and taxpayers.”

AARP Kentucky recognizes the need for a comprehensive fiscal solution and believes the debate must also take into account the views and voices of all taxpayers.

The state office is mobilizing volunteers statewide and urging all concerned Kentuckians to contact their lawmakers directly and urge them to oppose these tax proposals via the Legislative Message toll-free hotline 1-800-372-7181.

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