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AARP CEO Inflation Reduction Act
U.S. House of Representatives passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a bill that includes several key provisions to lower the prices of prescription drugs. AARP Kentucky thanks Representative John Yarmuth (KY-03) for supporting this critical legislation that will bring real relief for seniors.
Louisville Metro Health Disparities
Health Outcomes impacting the 50-plus in Louisville Metro
Electricity pillar
AARP Kentucky’s comments urges Kentucky Public Service Commission to reject forcing LG&E/Kentucky Utilities to join a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).
Louisville voters can now cut through the campaign clutter with access to in-depth Mayoral candidates’ survey responses.
A new survey of Louisville Metro Mayoral candidates for the May 17 primary elections. AARP Kentucky asked the candidates where they stand on issues important to Louisville voters 50-plus.
The state's annual General Assembly is its final days and volunteers continue to push policy priorities.
In the wake of the deadly tornado that ravaged western Kentucky in December, AARP assisted with relief efforts and provided critical information on how to get or offer aid to those affected.
AARP Kentucky Lobby Week
AARP volunteers use tech to virtually connect with their lawmakers during annual AARP Kentucky Lobby Week. Meetings focus on urgent needs of the state’s 430,000 AARP members and all Kentuckians 50-plus.
Join us for AARP Kentucky 2022 Virtual Lobby Week (Feb. 7-11). It's a powerful way for our volunteers and grassroots activists to support Kentuckians at 50+.
Kentucky State Capitol
When the state General Assembly returns to the capitol on Jan. 4, AARP grassroots volunteers will be there (virtually) to promote the needs of the state’s older adults. 
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