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Kentucky State Capitol
AARP Kentucky’s volunteer Executive Council and local volunteers kept busy mobilizing and monitoring lawmakers’ actions during the 2019 General Assembly session.
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Was part of your New Year’s resolution to stress less and get in shape? Have you ever thought about Tai Chi? Join AARP in our quest for healthy living. Attend one of our upcoming sessions or both – free! Registration is required.
AARP is growing in Bowling Green and local volunteers are creating real and meaningful change to help you - take on today.
AARP is in Lexington and local volunteers are creating real and meaningful change to help you - take on today.
AARP Kentucky is collaborating with the Thrive Center in Louisville, a new nonprofit focused on the needs of the aging population. Founded by a coalition of national senior-care organizations, the center has chosen memory care (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive fitness) as a focus.
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Join us at the Coffee Zone from 10:00-12:00 on September 11th, and enjoy a free cup of coffee and a muffin while learning about hearing loss, ways to protect your hearing, and products currently available. There will be no sales but you will hear from a clinical audiologist who can answer your questions.
Disrupt Dementia
New Physician Survey Underscores the Need for Innovative Solutions to World’s Brain Health Crisis Impacting More Than 50 Million People
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