Livable Communities

Livable Drawing
Residents in five Kentucky cities will soon enjoy more amenities aimed at making their neighborhoods places where people of all ages can thrive, thanks to 2019 AARP Community Challenge grants.
The city of Lexington is considering changing its zoning rules to allow homeowners to build more accessory dwelling units (ADUs)—also commonly known as granny flats or mother-in-law suites—on their properties.
AARP Community Challenge Grants Return in 2019
Accessory Dwelling Units Manual Available
AARP is growing in Bowling Green and local volunteers are creating real and meaningful change to help you - take on today.
AARP is in Lexington and local volunteers are creating real and meaningful change to help you - take on today.
Louisville Community Team
AARP is very active in the city of Louisville. We are working to make Louisville an even more livable community, we host monthly educational and outreach events, and we have a vibrant volunteer community team made of retirees and current employees from all walks of life.
AARP Livable Communities
AARP Livable Communities program is supporting efforts of neighborhoods, towns, and cities to become great places for all ages. AARP believes that communities should provide walkable streets, sustainable housing and transportation options, access to key services and opportunities for residents to participate in community activities.
AARP has given more than $25,000 in quick-action grants to improve livability in Danville, Louisville and Lexington.
Lexington Fair Housing Act Celebration
Fair Housing Act Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Lexington
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