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Finding the right job for you can seem daunting. Join us for a free webinar where we’ll guide you through your job search and discuss how to build a network, ace your interviews and land the job that’s right for you.
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AARP’s Comebackers project is reaching out to older workers who may need further education to compete for better-paying jobs. 
Whether you’re looking for a job or considering a career change, these tips and strategies are designed to help you make a smooth transition.
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Here's the FAQ's of what to expect and when from the 2020 Census
Have some college and no degree? KYComebackers is here help you find your next learning path!
Looking for a job that has flexible hours, competitive pay, and matters to your community? Consider working for the 2020 Census! Get more information on the potential opportunities during our free webinar.
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Kentucky Needs More Census Workers
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