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Valuing the Invaluable: Kentucky Family Caregivers Provide Billions in Unpaid Care

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The unpaid care provided by the 610,000 caregivers in Kentucky is valued at $8.6 billion according to new state data available in AARP’s latest report in the Valuing the Invaluable series This is a $1.9 billion difference in unpaid contributions since the last report was released in 2019. The report highlights the growing scope and complexity of family caregiving and highlights actions needed to address the many challenges of caring for parents, spouses, and other loved ones. 

Family caregivers play a vital role in state’s health care system, whether they care for someone at home, coordinate home health care, or help care for someone who lives in a nursing home. We want to make sure all family caregivers have the financial, emotional and social support they need, because the care they provide is invaluable both to those receiving it and to their community.
- Charlotte Whittaker, volunteer Kentucky State President

Read the full report for national and state-by-state data on the economic value of unpaid care by family and friends.

Family caregivers are the backbone of our long-term care system in this country. The care families and friends provide is invaluable for those receiving it, and is a precious resource for the communities, cities and states wrestling with the realities of an aging population and fewer family members or friends to provide care.

AARP Kentucky and its grassroots activists are fighting for and will continue to fight for family caregivers and the loved ones they care for.

  • Right now, AARP is urging state lawmakers to support family caregivers who work because caring for a loved one shouldn’t mean losing pay—or even your job.
  • Right now, AARP is urging the state legislature to prioritize home care options.
  • Right now, AARP is urging lawmakers to bring much needed financial relief to family caregivers who pay for expensive care to help their loved ones live at home.

AARP Kentucky provides support to family caregivers and the loved ones who depend on them for care. Resources and information on family caregiving are available at

Read the full report for national and state-by-state data on the economic value of unpaid care by family and friends 

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