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Below are the latest articles, information, and resources collected or provided by AARP Maine related to scams and fraud. For questions or concerns, contact the office at or by calling the AARP Fraud Watch Network at 1-877-908-3360.

Latest News and Information on Fraud in Maine
Scam Jam
Our next meeting will be June 8, 2023 and we are going to have a scam expert as our guest speaker – Amy Nofziger, Director of Victim Support, AARP Fraud Watch Network. Join us!
Capitol Hill Building closeup, Washington DC
The legislation, endorsed by AARP, is designed to address the pervasive increase and growing problem of scams and financial exploitation that threaten all Americans, and older Americans in particular.
Social Media Scams.jpg
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has declared social media a “Gold Mine” for scammers after consumers reported losing $770 million in social media scams in 2021. That was double the amount of reported losses from 2020 – and we know fraud is severely under-reported, so the real losses are likely much higher.
Feeling Down
As we wrap up a second year of pandemic-induced uncertainty and stress, it’s important to recognize that in addition to making life harder, these factors actually can make us more susceptible to fraud. A recent AARP study found that victims of fraud experienced more than twice as many stressful events as those who avoided attempted scams.
Quality time keeps a bond alive
Federal data suggest that losses from elder financial abuse perpetrated by a known person are greater than when the fraud is perpetrated by anonymous scammers. With the holiday family visits upon us, it could be a good time to broach the subject. You might bring up the topic of financial exploitation and segue into asking what they are doing to protect themselves and their money. Above all, respect their right to make their own decisions while they are cognitively able, but leave the lines of communication open.
Fraudulent Charities.jpg
It’s the season of giving, and for those in the spirit, telling the difference between a real charity and a con can be a challenge. Legitimate charities make a big push at year-end for last minute annual donations. Scammers know this and make their own end-of-year push to line their pockets. 
Directly Above Shot Of Objects Over Red Background
Most US consumers will purchase a gift card for someone this holiday season. While these gifts are easy to give and popular to get, they are also open to fraud. A 2021 AARP survey found that one in five people have either given or received a gift card with no funds on it. 
Credit card data security concept / Data encryption on credit card
If you heed only one tip this holiday shopping season, make it this one: pick the right plastic. A recent AARP survey found that nearly 70% of people shopping online this holiday season plan to pay with a debit card. Choosing this form of payment can make you more vulnerable to fraud losses.
New research reveals top scams facing Maine’s military community and ways to fight back
Investment Scams.jpg
We’ve all received the pitch — that one investment opportunity that sounds just too good to pass up. But 99.99% of the time, passing it up is exactly the right thing to do. Investment fraud siphons billions of dollars from investors every year. Here’s how to spot a phony investment opportunity coming your way.
Protect Your Device.jpg
Many scams originate right at your fingertips through your computer or smartphone. The good news is the way to block them is also within your grasp. Here are three tips to keep your devices safe from criminals.
Did you know? This simple step can help to protect your identity - for free!

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