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Help Protect Consumers from Skyrocketing Electric Rates!

AARP is fighting to ensure that you have continued access to affordable and stable electricity service in your home.  Right now, the Pennsylvania legislature is considering House Bill 2104 that would protect consumers from skyrocketing electric rates.

Consumers statewide are still recovering from electricity rate sticker shock that slammed thousands of households across Pennsylvania. While electricity marketers attributed the crisis to a “once in a lifetime” polar vortex, we’re all still vulnerable to future rate spikes, perhaps as soon as soaring temperatures this summer.

House Bill 2104 under consideration in Harrisburg, would:

  • Limit the amount variable electricity rates can rise in a 30-day period
  • Shorten the time necessary for consumers to switch electric providers
  • Require companies to fully disclose, in plain language, the terms of their variable rate plans.


Right now, electricity marketers are fighting the bill because they don’t want to see limits placed on rate increases and they are happy with new PUC regulations that do as much to protect the competitive marketplace as to protect consumers. In fact, their lobbyists are working to weaken the bill or even kill it altogether.

Please take a moment to ask your state representative to stand up for Pennsylvania families by protecting affordable and stable electric service. Tell Legislators to support House Bill 2104 that would provide important consumer protections to variable rate customers, including monthly caps on rate increases, accelerated switching times, and increased disclosures of the details of the variable rate plans.

You can contact your legislator by clicking here or by calling toll free 1-800-515-8134.  


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