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Juggling is Difficult When You Are Always Looking Over Your Shoulder
aarp pa capitol
Pennsylvania Political Forecast – Cloudy with a 100% Chance of Uncertainty
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Worried about keeping the heat on? AARP Pennsylvania reminds members and their families that utility companies statewide are required to provide customer assistance programs. Individuals with monthly income up to $1,508 and couples with up to $2,030 may be eligible.
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AARP Pennsylvania today testified at a hearing of the PA House of Representatives Consumer Affairs Committee to support HB 1417, that will protect landline telephone service for consumers in the state's rural communities by extending funding for the Universal Service Fund until the end of 2021.
 The cost of electricity is a big concern to most Pennsylvanians.  As a state which has de-regulated its electric generation service, consumers may choose which company provides the electricity that runs your appliances and turns on your lights.  But electric distribution service, the wires and poles that bring electricity to your home, is still regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).  Changes to both sides of the electric utility equation are being considered which could impact your electric bill.
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Recent proposals by Pennsylvania's two largest electric companies to substantially boost fixed monthly charges for consumers would hurt low-usage and low-income customers the most, many of whom are living on fixed incomes and are struggling to pay for food, rent, medicine, and utility bills.
AARP Poll of Pennsylvania Likely 50+Voters Shows “Anxiety Index”
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AARP is fighting to ensure that you have continued access to affordable and stable electricity service in your home.  Right now, the Pennsylvania legislature is considering House Bill 2104 that would protect consumers from skyrocketing electric rates.
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Senate Bill 1121 Would End Default Electricity Service and Auction Off Consumers to Unregulated Suppliers
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