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Raise Your Your Voice Before They Raise Your RATES

The NJ Board of Utilities, (BPU), which regulates utility companies in New Jersey, has proposed changing their rules in a way that could harm every gas and electric customer in the Garden State.  The BPU wants to allow utilities to increase your rates provisionally; before your utility company has actually proven they even need a rate increase and that a price hike is reasonable. Under this scheme, utilities implementing provisional rates would have to refund customers if the price finally approved by is less than the provisional rate. the BPU

AARP doesn’t believe customers should be used as a bank to make lucrative loans to their utility companies. Utility companies often file for rate increase well above what they are actually granted – sometimes 65-70% higher.  The BPU’s anti-consumer proposal would allow utility companies to receive a financial windfall at your expense.  .To make matters even worse, the BPU is proposing another rule change that weakens important regulations and oversight of the utility industry.      The Board wants to allow utility companies to increase your bill, on top of what you are already paying, with a new surcharge for infrastructure programs.  Under this proposal, utility companies would be able to raise your rates without a comprehensive, independent review of utility costs and investment decision to determine if your current rates are reasonable for up to five years.  This proposal will fast-track rate increases and is unnecessary.  Utilities have an obligation to make all necessary infrastructure investments without new surcharges and without weakening oversight.  Failing to carry out this obligation amounts to holding consumers hostage, rather than fulfilling its obligation to serve its customers.

Enough is enough!  We need to act quickly.   Tell the BPU to stand with consumers and reject these anti-consumer proposals.

Raise your voice before they raise your rates by clicking here.

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