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"The World Has Changed Dramatically"[/youtube]

When we began planning Work@50+, we knew there was a need for a unique event for our audience, one that would provide practical advice and relevant resources to give experienced job seekers a competitive edge. We designed the conference with that in mind, creating sessions with experts who could share information on how to start a business, the effective use of technology and social media to find work, and building a personal brand to stand out in a changing work environment.

George Davis, our State President, summed it up this way: "A lot of people back in the day, they didn't have to worry if they were in their 50s. They had a job, they had a retirement, they had a pension. That world has changed dramatically." Work@50+ was created to help you succeed in today's job market and to take advantage of what Dr. Vu Pham calls "tribal knowledge or deep smarts" developed from years in the workplace.

Our keynote speaker, Kerry Hannon, told the audience, "We get stuck in a moment...We kind of think, with blinders on, this is what I've always done, this is what I know, these are what my skills are. And you try to replicate that job again. But you know what, that job may no longer exist. And so you really need to rethink what kind of job you want to do and be willing to stretch...a lot of our skills really do translate to different fields, different careers." We knew her words had resonated when an attendee told us that what's she's learning is "instead of looking back at the past about how I used to work and what things were offered to me, [I'm looking] into the the future where things are now."

We created this video not only as an overview of the conference, but a sneak peek of what you can expect in 2014:  knowledgeable speakers, valuable information, and an extraordinary day that will inspire you as you continue on your career journey. We're looking forward to sharing Work@50+ with you again next year.

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